Avial (North Kerala style)
mixed vegetables with crushed coconut and thick curd. Avial is a traditional dish of Kerala.its an integral part of the traditional Kerala sadya.It has many variations and it is one of the easiest vegetable dishes to make. there is a legend that this dish was invented by Bheema(one of the Pandava b
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. clean (peel skin)and slice yam and cut in to 2 inch medium thin long pieces and place it in to water.
  2. soak tamarind in 2 tablespoon water.
  3. peel the outer skin of banana and cut it into long pieces(same size of yam) and place in water.
  4. remove the pith of bitter guard and cut it in to long thin pieces like yam and banana.
  5. peel the skin of ashguard,pumpkin , cucumberand carrot ,remove the seed and pith.then cut it in to 2 inch medium thin long pieces
  6. clean all other vegetables cut it in to long thin pieces and keep aside
  7. take a thick bottom wide vessel and add yam first .then place cucumber and ash guard on top of yam.then add bitter guard.
  8. then add yellow pumpkin,drumstick,long beans and carrot.
  9. then add turmeric powder,chili powder and salt.add 1/4 cup of water in to it.
  10. close the vessel with a lid and cook vegetables in a low flame.when it boils add raw banana.cook covered.after few minutes open the lid and mix the vegetables well.again cover with the lid.
  11. while the vegetables are getting cooked coarsely grind coconut,cumin and green chili.
  12. when the vegetables are almost cooked add tamarind and cook for few more minutes(please do not over cook the vegetables)
  13. then open the lid if there is excess water,evaporate it(make a well in the center and pour the gravy on top of vegetables).
  14. then add coarsely grind coconut and curry leaves on top of the cooked vegetables.Cook covered for few minutes .
  15. then mix well(take care don’t mash vegetables), add curd and let it gently heat through for a minute or so.switch of stove ,add coconut oil ,mix well and check salt consistency and immediately cover with a lid.
  16. after few minutes open the lid you will get a very nice aroma.yum yum……..
  17. serve as a side dish of rice.
Recipe Notes

note:coconut oil which gives the special taste and aroma hence do not substitute.If possible use home made fresh coconut oil.

do not over cook vegetables.if you want you can add vegetables on based of cooking time,the longer cooking vegetables first and the quicker one last.

cut vegetables in to same shape and size

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