Beef & koorka ularthiyathu
beef cooked with Chinese potato
Cook Time
Cook Time
to garnish:-
  1. clean and cut beef in to small pieces,wash well drain and keep aside.
  2. remove the skin of koorka,cut each in to two pieces.wash well and keep aside in cold water.
  3. peel the skin of shallots, clean it and cut each in to two pieces.chop ginger and garlic.keep aside
  4. in a pressure cooker mix the beef with shallots,pepper powder,chili powder,beef masala,coriander powder,garlic, ginger and salt with 1/4 cup of water.mix well and cook till 2-3 whistle in a low flame.
  5. in another vessel add coorka,salt and water. cook not over cook koorka.
  6. once beef cooked open the lid of pressure cooker and add cooked koorka in to it. mix this well with beef and cook for few more minutes.check the salt consistency.switch off the stove.
  7. crush garlic and shallots,cut chili in to length wise andkeep aside
  8. then heat oil in a pan ,add curry leaves,saute well, then add crushed shallots and garlic .sautewell until raw smell goes and onions are light brown.then add coorka and beef mix.saute well .cook until water evaporates completely.
  9. garnish with greenchili.
  10. serve hot with rice and moru curry.
Recipe Notes

for cleaning coorka:- put coorka in to a jute bag or sack and beat it on the floor till the skin peels off.then with the help of a knife scrape off the remaining skin.

add salt and spices as per your taste level.

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