Chatti pathiri (atti pathiri or atti pathal)
layered pan cakes with meat or chicken filling-A north Malabar delicacy. Chatti pathiri or adukku pathiri is a very famous classic North Malabar snack usually made during Ramadan,actually a snack but heavier than a snack,so you can serve it as a snack or appetizer
Cook Time
Cook Time
for pan cakes
for filling:-
for coating
for garnishing
  1. Preparing the filling:-
  2. clean and wash chicken well .boil the chicken along with 1/2 teaspoon chili powder, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder ,3/4 teaspoon coriander powder and salt.(use a pressure cooker or sauce pan)
  3. mean time thinly slice onion,
  4. once the chicken done switch of the stove and let it cool .then shred the chicken with your hands or mince it.then keep aside.
  5. heat a medium size or large frying pan,pour oil in to it, when oil becomes hot(not smoky hot) add thinly sliced onion,saute well until onion become light brown.
  6. then add ginger garlic paste and crushed chili.saute well till raw smell goes.then add pepper powder and remaining chili,coriander,turmeric powder.
  7. saute for a minute or until the raw smell goes, then add boiled and shredded chicken saute until the chicken become become dry and well joined with the onion masala.
  8. add garam masala powder and salt.mix well switch of the stove and keep masala aside
  9. Preparing the pan cakes:-
  10. now we can make the pan cakes for that add all purpose flour,egg,milk and pepper and salt in a bowl and whisk well and make a smooth batter(dosa batter consistency and lump free).
  11. heat a non stick dosa pan or traditional dosakallu ,pour a ladle full of batter and make thin crepes.(not too thick or too thin)cook both sides till small brown spots appears.make 10 pan cakes
  12. keep the pan cakes aside
  13. Preparing batter for coating :-
  14. next is coating dosa with egg for that add all ingredients under coating in to a bowl whisk well and keep aside.
  15. layering:-
  16. take a heavy bottom vessel or non stick pan in which the pan cakes should fit.make it hot then grease it with ghee (both bottom and sides,use generously).
  17. take one pan cake and dip it in to the batter (we made for coating) and place it in to the pan,
  18. take one more pan cake and do same.this is the first layer.
  19. spread the filling evenly on top of it.spread some raisins and coriander leaves .then take another crepe and dip it into the batter then place it over the filling,again spread filling,raisins and coriander leaves. repeat layering until pan cakes are finished.the top layer should be pan cake.
  20. pour the remaining batter(batter for coating) on top of it.(if you have too much excess batter add little only)
  21. spread some ghee over the top layer and sides.sides. Sprinkle raisins ,cashew nut and poppy seeds on top of it.cover with a lid and cook in a very low flame till the crepes absorbs the batter and the bottom layer turns to light brown(approximately 15-20 minutes).
  22. cover the pan with flat plate and gently turn the vessel upside that the chatti pathiri will fall on to the plate.
  23. then grease the vessel with one teaspoon ghee.then gently transfer the chattipathiri to the vessel .now the top part should be placed on the vessel.cook few more minutes.
  24. once done care fully remove from pan.cut in to cake like pieces.
  25. serve with tea.

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