Kerala special Toddy shop style fish curry &Mashed tapioca
spicy Kerala style toddy shop  fish curry.Kerala special red fish curry and mashed tapioca
Servings Prep Time
5serving 20minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
5serving 20minutes
Cook Time
For the fish curry:-
For preparing tapioca:-
  1. Preparing fish curry:-
  2. clean and cut fish in to medium thick pieces.Soak gamboog in 1/4 cup warm water.
  3. soak red chili and Kashmeeri chili in hot water for minimum one hour.
  4. clean and wash shallots.add the cleaned shallot in to a mixer and crush it well.
  5. grind the chili in to a fine paste,add turmeric and coriander powder in to it and grind again and make a fine paste.
  6. heat oil in a fish curry pot, add curry leaves and saute well.
  7. add chopped garlic and ginger saute well until raw smell goes
  8. then add crushed shallots in to it.saute well until shallots become light brown(please don,t let the shallots burn you will get a bitter taste).
  9. then add the grounded paste saute till oil comes up
  10. then add gamboog and sufficient amount of warm water,( do not add too much water the curry should be medium thick)add sufficient salt.let it boil.
  11. Then add fish pieces in to it.Cook in a medium flame.once the fish cooked , switch off stove.
  12. heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds.add curry leaves.fry it and pour in to the gravy.
  13. keep aside for 30 minutes.serve with kappa.(if you want you can remove the gamboog from curry if you don’t like more sour taste)
  14. Preparing Tapioca
  15. peel the skin of tapioca and cut in to medium cube size pieces,wash well.add cleaned tapioca in to a cooking vessel,add sufficient water,turmeric and salt;cook till it become soft,drain water completely.mash gently and keep aside.
  16. heat oil in a pan splutter mustard seeds,add curry leaves and shallot,fry well and add this to the mashed tapioca.mix well and immediately cover with the lid
  17. serve with fish curry.

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