Traditional Kerala snack.Steamed banana and wheat flour or rice flour dumplings
Cook Time
Cook Time
  • 2 1/2cups rice flour wheat flour/
  • 1cup coconutgrated
  • 3nos jaggery
  • 3nos palayamkodan pazham (small)
  • 2pinchs cardamam powder (optional)
  • 9 Elamangalam (vazhana ela) leaves
  • 9nos eerkil or tooth pick
  1. clean and wash the leaves well.take all ingradients in seperate bowls and keep aside
  2. in a bowl add flour,peel banana and add this to the flour,mix banana well with flour
  3. then add grated coconut in to this mix well with your hands.
  4. mean time melt jaggery in a thick bottom vessel with 1/2 cup of water
  5. once the syrup ready,switch of the stove and remove impurities.
  6. then add this to the dough and knead in to a smooth thick dough,close with a lid and keep aside for 1 hour
  7. take the leaves and fold it to make con shape(stem of the leaf facing up,roll or twist the bottom of the leave to form a corn) and fix it with tooth pick or eerkil.
  8. then fill the each corns with dough and place it in a steamer
  9. steam it approximately 20-30 minutes.once done switch off the stove and open the lid
  10. let it cool and serve with a cup of hot tea.
Recipe Notes

Notes:-elamangalam/edana ela/vazhana ela is Malabar cinnamon leaves or Malabathrum

I made this with wheat flour,you can use rice flour also taste is so good .if you are using rice flour tightly roast it

grated jaggery is better than melted jaggery.but here getting very hard type jaggery thats why i just melted it.

try to use vazhanayila,because that leave has a special aroma that is the main flavor of this snack.

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