Malabar Chicken Roll Recipe
For the crepes
For the filling
For preparing the filling
  1. Clean and wash chicken,then cook with little pepper ,one pinch of turmeric and salt.once done let it cool and shred in to small pieces,then keep aside.
  2. Heat 2 tbsp coconut oil in a kadai or non stick pan,when oil become hot add finely chopped onion,saute well until onion become soft and translucent.
  3. Now add ginger garlic paste and crushed chili ,saute until raw smell goes.Then add garam masala, turmeric powder and cumin powder,saute well and add shredded chicken.stir to combine. Then check salt add if needed,cover with a lid and cook 2-3 minutes over low flame.
  4. Then remove the lid, stir well and switch off the stove.
For making pan cakes
  1. In a large bowl add flour,egg, salt and water blend well with out leaving any lumps or blend in a mixer and make smooth batter.(Keep little batter aside for sealing the pan rolls)
  2. Heat a non stick pan or dosa kallu ,pour one ladle of batter and make thin crepes .
  3. Take a flat plate, place one crepe and place two teaspoon of prepared filling on the top middle portion of the pan cake.
  4. fold the top edge of the pan cake over the filling then fold the sides towards the center.Then roll tightly.Seal the bottom edge with prepared dough.Do this till pancakes finished.
  5. In a bowl add egg whites and in another flat bowl add the bread crumbs.then take one pan roll dip in to egg white,coat well with bread crumbs.keep it aside in a dry plate, do this until all rolls finished,
  6. then heat oil in a deep bottom pan over medium heat and deep fry the pan rolls until golden.serve with your favorite dip.

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