Malabar prawn curry or chemmeen mulakitathu
(Prawns in red chili and tamarind based red curry sauce.Prawns cooked in a spicy red chili and tamarind based gravy.A very common and every day fish preparation.You can use any other fish for making this curry.this curry goes well with rice,tapioca or chapati.)
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. Soak tamarind in 1/4 cup waterfor 15 to 30 minute and extract the juice and keep aside
  2. clean ,de shell and de vein prawns.(keep head and tail if you wish).wash well and keep aside
  3. clean wash and slice tomato,wash and slit green chili.
  4. heat oil in a fish curry pot.(clay pot,mun chatty).splutter fenugreek seeds
  5. Then add chopped shallot and curry leaves,saute well till shallot become soft
  6. once shallot become soft add crushed ginger and garlic ,then add green chili.saute till raw smell goes.
  7. then add cleaned and sliced tomato
  8. saute well till puree comes out
  9. reduce heat ,then add chili powder and turmeric powder
  10. saute well till oil separates
  11. Add sufficient amount of water,and tamarind.cook till the gravy become thick.stir in between
  12. then add cleaned prawns
  13. cook till prawns done (approximately 8-10 minutes,please do not over cook prawns it will make them tough)
  14. once prawns cooked well add a sprig of curry leaves and 1 table spoon oil.check salt consistency add if needed
  15. delicious prawns curry is ready to serve.transfer to a serving bowl then serve with rice or tapioca or chapathi.
Recipe Notes

I used 1.5-2 cup water approximately,you can adjust as per your thickness preference curry is not too thick or too thin.medium thickness.cook curry well and get desired thickness before you add prawns.

adjust chili and tamarind as per your preference.

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