Muttamala and Kinnathappam (Egg garlands and snow pudding)
(Muttamala and pinjanathappam or kinnathappam is a famous Malabar dessert made of eggs and sugar.It is similar to the famous Portuguese Egg Threads “Fio de Ovos”.) The Malabar cuisine is highly influenced by Arabic,Syrian,Portuguese,Dutch and British.Muttamala is a classic Malabar dessert,and it is
Cook Time
Cook Time
For Muttamala:-
for Kinnathappam:-
  1. Preparation of mutta mala:-
  2. take two cleaned and dry bowls.take the eggs and carefully separate egg whites and yolks(there should not be any trace of whites in the yolk,if possible use an egg separator).
  3. keep the whites aside for preparing pinnanathappam or kinnathappam.
  4. now take the egg yolks and carefully remove the thin outer covering of yolk and the white spring like particles.
  5. then strain the egg yolk through a muslin cloth in to a clean dry bowl.
  6. take a plastic cup or coconut shell,make a very small hole at the bottom.keep aside.
  7. take a thick bottom wide vessel (uruli) add sugar and 2 cups of water in to it.mix well. then add 1 or 2 teaspoon egg white. rubbing it well .then place it on fire.
  8. let it boil,stir well,this time you can see a form and egg white scum on top.remove that you can remove impurities and you will get a clear syrup.
  9. repeat it till you remove all the scrum or switch off the stove carefully strain it through a muslin cloth.
  10. heat it again until you get a syrup with one string consistency.
  11. now take the plastic cup or coconut shell with a small hole,cover the hole with your finger,then fill it with egg yolks.
  12. now remove your finger and pour the yolk in to the boiling syrup with a circular motion to form narrow chain like strings.pour continuously till you finish the egg yolks in the shell.
  13. now reduce the flame sprinkle some water and carefully remove the cooked egg yolks from syrup.transfer to a flat strainer or a flat plate slightly raised to strain excess syrup.
  14. repeat this till you finish the yolks.(if you feel that the syrup is thick add little water to remaining the string consistency)
  15. For making Kinnathappam:-
  16. take the egg whites,beat it well,add cooled sugar syrup (left over syrup from muttamala).beat till frothy then add cardamom powder.mix well.
  17. grease a cake tin or a wide vessel pour the batter in to it,steam over boiling water in a covered pot till firm.switch off flame.remove from steamer and allow to cool.
  18. cut in to desired shapes and serve with muttamala.
Recipe Notes

while making. kinnathappam you can add few drops of vanilla essence of few teaspoon milk powder.It will enhance the flavor.

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