Traditional Kerala Breakfast made with rice flour and coconut
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. for making puttupodi/puttu flour,soak rice for 3-4 hr.wash and drain water completely.spread rice on a paper towel,and dry maximum.in a blender,blend rice and separate fine powder by using a sifter(puttu tharippa).repeat the process and get a fine powder.finally add the remaining fine rice granules to the rice flour .roast the flour for few minute (sandy consistency).you will get a nice smell.then switch off the stove.stire well .no need for a deep roasted powder like pathiri podi.
  2. or you can buy puttupodi from any Indian grocery.different brands are available.
  3. for making puttu ,take puttu podi/flour in a bowl
  4. add sufficient salt
  5. sprinkle water in to it and mix well with your fingers.
  6. for checking right consistency,take a handful of wet flour and just press it.it should hold its shape.when you press little harder it should crumble.
  7. there should be no lumps.
  8. take a puttu kutty/mold.add 2 tsp grated coconut in it then add 2 handful flour.again add grated coconut followed by flour.repeat the same till puttu mold is full.it should be end with coconut layer.
  9. take water in a put pot.place it in the stove and boil.fix puttu kutty in the pot.
  10. once steam coming out from mold lower the flame.
  11. again cook for 5-6 minutes.
  12. switch off stove.
  13. remove puttu kutty/mold from pot.
  14. gently push the puttu using a spatula.
  15. serve hot with kadala curry and pappadam.
Recipe Notes

you can use idly pot or steamer for making puttu.

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